Bahnschwellen Entsorgung - Altholzentsorgung - Holzrecycling

The Companies

Heisterner Tiefbau GmbH

Our work scope:

  • Rental and lease of property and land
  • Investment in companies
  • Performing administrative duties for our companies

HRG Heisterner Holz Recycling GmbH

Our work scope:

  • Production of fuels
  • Energy production from all used timber AI- AIV class materials and bulky waste
  • Supply and services for fresh and used wood-fired power stations

HTG Heisterner Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG (Civil Engineering)

Our work scope:

  • Demolitions, recycling, clean-up of contamination, moisture damage
  • Canal construction, leak tests in close cooperation with experts
  • Earthworks, buildings/facilities